Taras 3000 Russia’s DJ of Choice

Dima Yaponets aka Taras 3000 is one of the people who helped create the Moscow and St Petersburg club scene. With a couple of friends he hosted numerous parties including the extremly popular Idle Conversation and Opa!Opa! This year i hardly saw him since he seemed to be DJing everywhere from Tokyo pop-up clubs to Sonar. On New Year’s eve Dima and his friend Sergei are opening new party night, and I had to discover all about it:

RSV: What music do you like to play?
DY: Pretty much everything. I just pick one specific part of the record that i like and cut the rest.

RSV: What do you like most about Russian club scene?
DY: I’d say that there is so much to be done in here.

RSV: What are you listening to lately?
DY: Any new band i don’t know yet.

RSV: How did you like playing at Sonar?
DY: A lot. A half of every performance is made by an audience, and the Sonar crowd did their best!

RSV: Where did you play in Tokyo?
DY: Some pop-up club it Roppongi Hills made specially for Tokyo Film Festival

RSV: What should we be expecting from your new party at ‘Most’ club?
DY: At first, we are doing our best to deliver some pretty spectacular live performances from Who Made Who, Tesla boy and Narkotiki. We do posses the necessary technical possibilities to make them sound incredeible in a new venue. Second, our deejay friends will be preparing special sets of music that have made them happy in 2009. Third, this is the last party in the club ‘Most’ as we know it, it will be closed and redesigned after that. In addition,of course, a lot of booze and shenanigans as we like it. As this is the first party in the new decade, we are really looking forward to test the new venue.

RSV: What was the best party you played at?
DY: My religion doesn’t allow me to rate things so that is a question i cannot answer.


Anna Frost is Pedestrian’s Russian Standard Editor at Large and is stationed in Moscow. She also writes about all things fashion at her aptly titled blog Anna Frost Daily Fashion.