SXSW: Odd Future Get Even More Crazy

Odd Future aren’t exactly renowned for practising moderation, and their blistering, sold-out headline set at SXSW was no exception.

The ten-deep hip-hop collective headlined the Fader Fort, taking the stage after Diddy (which should tell you something) who introduced them as ‘The future of music.’ If that’s the case, the future has never looked so damn angry; Tyler, The Creator and his crew spent less time rapping then they did insulting their audience, their sound guy and exiting the venue after only three songs. Always one to capitalise on what’s hot, Diddy and Lil B joined the crew on stage for ‘Sandwitches’, or at least that’s what we think it is.

That hasty exit may have something to do with the fact that some dude in the audience hits Tyler in the face with an unopened bottle of soft drink halfway through the song, and the best part of the video is seeing him threatening to kill the guy. However, Odd Future had performed multiple times at the music showcase week and had no problem performing a full set for industry types at the VICE Magazine afterparty a few hours later, despite that this show was paid for by fans. It got even better at the Billboard Showcase gig, where bad mixing and a half-interested crowd led Tyler to abandon ship even quicker, but not before saying “”Fuck Billboard, I don’t even read that shit.” Which is great news, considering they were on the cover what, last week?

#swag or #sellout?

Odd Future have already hinted at an appearance Down Under sometime soon, which was solidified by a recent tweet from Triple J mornings presenter Zan Rowe, currently on assignment at SXSW:

Better get those Sprite bottles ready.