‘Sorry’ Is 2016’s Top Vid With 1.8B Views, So One More Probably Won’t Hurt

And now for some refreshingly unsurprising news: the clip for Justin Bieber‘s certified banger, Sorry, is officially the year’s most-watched music video on Vevo.  
The song and video simultaneously dropped in October last year, when the world totally lost it over Bieber’s tasty new sound and the unrelenting talent of Parris Goebbel and her troupe of New Zealand dancers. 
Since then, the track – off Bieber’s most recent album, Purpose – has amassed over 2 billion views, with a whopping 1.8 billion coming in 2016. Because of people like me, the numbers will likely double by this time next year.
Why? Because it has a drop that will never get old. 
For the record, if you played the video 1.8 billion times in a row, it’d take nearly 12,000 years for you to finish. Good job, planet Earth.
Biebs also managed to land two other tracks in the top ten list of most watched vids, as What Do You Mean? and Love Yourself both racked up close enough to a billion hits a pop. 
Elsewhere, Adele‘s heartbreaker Hello came in second with 1.25 billion hits, followed by what is arguably the catchiest song of the year, Fifth Harmony‘s Work From Home, which caught 1.17 billion views. 
Look, the list is basically an excuse to revisit Sorry again. And again. And maybe again. 
You’re welcome.
Source: The Fader.
Photo: YouTube / Justin Bieber.