Billboard Also Claps Back At 6ix9ine, Calls Bullshit On Claims That Ariana & Justin Bought #1

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

In extraordinary scenes, the Billboard charts has also clapped back at 6ix9ine, refuting the rapper’s allegations that Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber‘s team purchased the number one spot.

Following this week’s controversial chart placement announcement, Billboard published an article to justify the whole ordeal “in the interest of transparency”.

“Here are the facts,” the publication wrote, in a pretty damn thorough rebuttal yarn, with each of 6ix9ine’s allegations written in bold followed by a refutal. Billboard is certainly not here to fuck spiders.

In response to 6ix9ine’s claims that his streams hadn’t been counted properly, Billboard wrote that “streaming numbers visible to the public on audio and video data platforms do not reflect the volume included in Billboard’s chart calculations. Neither do the stream counts that services make available to content owners (including 6ix9ine and his team) directly through a proprietary data feed or dashboard.”

6ix9ine had also pointed out that his YouTube video had amassed over 180 million views in the 1st week, which is considerably more than “Stuck With You”, but Billboard reminded the rapper that those views were global. “Billboard counts only U.S.-based plays for its charts.”

Finally, in terms of the final 24-hour spike in sales from “Stuck With U”, Billboard disclosed that signed singles had been made available on both Ari and Justin’s websites, which is apparently legal. “The sales spike is likely referring to sales on Thursday, May 14 — the final day of the tracking week — when signed “Stuck With U” singles were put up for sale in Grande and Bieber’s webstores.”

So there we have it… for now.

In other news, stream the “Savage” remix, which is superior to both of the above tracks.