If you wanted to know all about the many disses on Eminem‘s new album, Kamikaze, you’re in luck; a Twitter account called HipHopNumbers has categorised every single one and presented the data in graphs.

According to the chart, there’s a total of 990 bars on the album, 153 of which are categorised as diss bars, meaning Eminem has used the musical measure to bag someone out for one reason or another. This equates to 15.5 per cent of the album being dedicated to raining shit on other people. Mad.

It even breaks down how much of each track is dedicated to dissing by percentage, with the very first track, The Ringer, clocking in at 42.1 per cent, which is the highest on the album.

But wait, there’s more. You can even see how many disses are directed towards each of Eminem’s targets, the most of which are for Machine Gun Kelly, who he must really fucking hate because he goes in on them 27 times. Drake and Trump are also among the top targets, along with just “Journalists” in general.

You can suss out all of the data in the chart below.


Posted on the Data is Beautiful subreddit, the chart made it all the way to the front page of Reddit. HipHopNumbers has also broken down the data for artists like Kanye West and gathered stats on the genre in general.

Good to know Eminem is absolutely back on his bullshit.

Source: Twitter / @HipHopNumbers
Image: Getty Images