Some Guy Guessed ‘The Life Of Pablo’ And Is On His Way To Yeezy Season 3

Whatever else you have to say about Kanye West, at least he keeps his word.

After changing his album name for the fourth time and cryptically tweeting that the initials were ‘T.L.O.P.‘, he then offered up free tickets to Season 3 and a pair of Yeezys to the first person who correctly guessed what they stood for.

34k retweets?? Even for Kanye, that’s a buttload.

Well, somebody actually bloody guessed it. A guy who’s Twitter handle is the appropriate @easymoney227 (heh, lel), was the first of just 33 people who correctly guessed that T.L.O.P. stood for ‘The Life Of Pablo, which hardcore Kanye fans would recognise as referencing a character from his Kendrick Lamar collaboration ‘No More Parties In LA‘, a track released in January and initially meant to feature on the new album.

And despite a bunch of media outlets interviewing the wrong guy (some dude who tweeted ‘The Life Of Pablo’ a full 13 minutes after ‘The Boy’ like some pleb) this story has a happy ending. Yeezy’s people tracked down the right guy, delivered his tickets, and he’s on his way to Season 3 right bloody now. 

Yeah… we’re not jealous at all, mate. No word yet on the Yeezys.

For all of y’all who didn’t score tix / guess correctly / aren’t at a cinema rn, Yeezy Season 3 starts at 8am EST on Tidal, and they’ve got a free trial thing happening. 

Photo: Tidal / Twitter.