Solange Knowles and DIrty Projectors cover removed

Little Miss Solange Knowles (aka mini Beyonce) has gotten Universal off side after releasing a cover of The Dirty Projectors’ †Stillness is the Move’ without their consent. And where do all artists release their anger at the corporations that are responsible for earning them oodles of cash? Their Twitter page of course.

Solange not so subtly expressed her frustration at Universal for forcing to remove the track from their site.
‘So fucking crazy universal has been taking down a COVER I’m NOT selling or trying to publish. Never heard of that shit in my life! Not to mention Dirty Projectors, LOVED the cover & all parties are happy Doesn’t Lil Wayne a Universal artist rap over other folks records?’

Can you blame her though? She’s purely trying to make a name for herself other than the little sis of Beyonce. Obviously Solange has realised that her capabilities of outshining or even coming out on par with Beyonce in the pop world would be about as easy as scoring crack in a preschool. So she decided to go down the indie untapped path. Like she shaved her head for god’s sake.

Luckily Solange put the word out to her Twitter followers and them being the little hackers that they are, they tracked it down toot sweet and it’s back up for all to listen to. Universal it’s your move.