Solange Knowles Joins Midnight Juggernauts In The Studio

See skeptics? We ain’t lying. We’ll admit, it seemed dubious at the time but despite a lack of logic, stylistic similarity or geographic proximity songstress Solange Knowles (Beyonce’s younger sister) is currently in the studio with Melbourne trio Midnight Juggernauts.

In a Pedestrian interview last year, Juggernauts drummer Daniel Stricker shed some light on the unlikely partnership saying “we were hanging out and this girl came up to Vincent [lead singer] and jumped up on him and it was Solange – Beyonces sister – and they’ve been talking, they were talking for ages. We’ll do a collaboration someday.”

And collaborate they did! The above shot is taken from the Midnight Juggernauts’ recent Falls Festival appearance which featured Solange as a surprise guest vocalist. And according to the most accurate news source in the world today, Twitter, Solange is currently in the studio working on her new album with the Midnight Juggernauts.

As you may recall Solange’s previous forays into indie-rock have include a cover of Dirty Projectors’ “Stillness Is The Move”, which actually makes total sense, and a guest spot on Of Montreal’s new LP (according to Stereogum). You crazy for this one Solange, we can’t even begin to imagine how luscious this collaboration is going to sound.