Sia, Literal Human Angel, Paid For Scores Of Random People’s Thanksgiving Groceries

The US is currently entering its annual Thanksgiving period, where virtually the entire nation shuts down for four or five days and everyone rushes off home to enjoy a massive and lovingly prepared meal with their nearest and dearest. That, however, means the added stress of getting everything together, buying the extra groceries, braving the hellish shopping crowds, and trying to stretch whatever budget you may have as far as it possibly can. For a few fortunate folk in the states, they’ve found a guardian angel this year in the form of our very own Sia.

[jwplayer yiye2HNG]

Blessed, lovely Sia was spotted almost literally running around a Walmart in California yesterday paying for everyone’s groceries as they hit the checkout counter.

Footage of Sia from one of the lucky few shows her cheerily bouncing from checkout to checkout picking up everyone’s bill. It’s incredibly wholesome gear.

Oddly enough, the famously attention-shy Sia also went to some lengths to conceal her identity here. Rather than boldly announce who she was, Sia told shoppers her name was “Cici” and that she’d just won the lottery.

A number of shoppers clued in as to who she was after the fact, but not until well after the fact.

After hitting up the Walmart, Sia reportedly then scooted off down the road to a TJ Maxx outlet, where she repeated her various random acts of kindness.

Sia lives in the area, so the story goes, having bought a home in the Palm Springs region back in 2013.

Honestly, bless Sia. A true national treasure. Protect and cherish her at all costs.