Sia Recreated Her Wonderfully Weird ‘Chandelier’ Video Live On Ellen

A few weeks ago, the brilliantly enigmatic Sia captivated the internet with the clip for her newest single ‘Chandelier’, a collaboration with the ‘Breathe Me’ director Daniel Askill. This week, the singer showed up on Ellen‘s show, along with young dance prodigy Maddie Ziegler, to recreate the video, because apparently that’s a thing people are doing now?

Best not to ask too many questions, just enjoy.

Sia chose to perform the song with her back turned to the camera, which is a little odd considering that this is the same extroverted pop star who fronted up to Big Day Out a few years ago dressed in a makeshift cardboard robot costume, and wowed the crowd with an hour’s worth of dorky dance moves. Still, this is Sia we’re talking about, and so she gets to do whatever she damn well pleases.

The new Sia album, 1000 Forms Of Fear, is out July 8. Hurry up and make it July 8 already.

via YouTube