Lena Dunham and Sia Performed ‘Chandelier’ Together, and it was Incredible

Do you hear that low rumble? That’s the sound of the internet completely losing its shit at the news that two of its favourite people, Lena Dunham and Sia, just teamed up for a performance of ‘Chandelier’.

Sia recently decided that she does not want to show her face when performing live, which is a slight problem, in that she is currently in big demand on the talk show circuit, promoting her upcoming album 1000 Forms Of Fear.

She got around this by recruiting young dancer Maddie Ziegler to be her stand-in on a recent appearance on Ellen, and last night on Seth Meyers‘ show, she called in none other than Girls star Dunham, who pulled some highly expressive moves of her own.

Dunham’s lip-syncing is pretty spot on, and her facial expressions throughout are priceless. If she and Sia want to tour together at some stage, I’d be pretty okay with the idea … just putting that out there.

via YouTube