Shannon Noll Sees Your Groovin’ The Moo Petition, Is Dead Keen On Playing

Strange things happen in the twilight zone between the top honours on Australian Idol and the murky depths below. Guy Sebastian took the first season and ran with it, becoming the most important Aussie entertainer of all time with his official Eurovision performance, but “winning” second place in the series has been dicey at best for everyone else.

“What about Shannon Noll?” we hear you ask. What about him, indeed.

As this great, sarcastic nation is wont to do, our snark has trawled through past decades looking for a familiar target for our ire. That seed of sarcasm may have spanwed the petition to thrust Noll back into the spotlight after his years touring small regional circuits.

Now, it’s gained legitimate support; as of writing, over 4,000 punters are keen on seeing the Condobolin native bring his boxy farmer’s countenance to Groovin The Moo’s hallowed stages.

The next step of irony, of course, is to accept the target of your disdain with actual open arms. In Noll’s case, that’s actually pretty easy to do, as the bloke caught wind of the petition and is deadset on playing. 

That classic, undying Aussie can-do attitude. The instant mateship, fostered over a singular goal. A simple “fingers crossed’ becomes a defiant vow against destiny: Shannon Noll wants to play Groovin’ The Moo. The people want Shannon Noll to play Groovin’ The Moo. Therefore, if we believe, Shannon Noll will play Groovin’ The Moo. 
Eurovision be damned. If this keeps up, the biggest comeback of your lifetime is going down in Maitland in 2016.

Photo: Sergio Dionisio / Getty / Facebook.