Back in 2001, two brothers from Melbourne‘s humble Dingley Village (known affectionately as Dingvegas) decided to start an Aussie rock band.

Nic and Chris Cester roped in lead guitarist Cameron Muncey, keyboarder Jason Doukas and bassist Mark Wilson and kablammo; Jet was born.  

By 2003, Jet was a full-blown juggernaut. In that year alone they performed 200 shows and in early 2004 their Beatles-esque bangers were copping awards and airtime left, right and centre.

Put it this way – if you owned a lime green iPod Mini, you most definitely had a coupla Jet choons on it.

Sadly, like all fine aircrafts, the band landed and disembarked in early 2012, announcing their split on Facey

Four years later and we’ve got some bloody good news – Jet is bringing it on back and reuniting, for real. 

Recharge Your iPod Shuffle: Jet Are Getting Back Together, For Real

reappearing like

The reformation comes alongside the announcement of Bruce Springsteen‘s 2017 tour, which the lads will be supporting. No word yet on whether this will come with new tracks – but here’s hoping. You can have a squiz at the tour dates HERE.

One things for sure – we’re ready for one of this country’s greatest musical success stories to get back on the bandwagon. Heck, there’s a even a nifty little petition floating around to get the boys to play Meredith later this year.

Godspeed, bois.

Photo: Dave Hogan / Getty. 

Source: Frontier Touring.