The Vines Are Getting Back Together To Play With Jet Like It’s 2004

Put the Hiptop on the charger and log out of MSN for a hot second, because the classic, quintessential lineup of The Vines is getting back together to, get this, play some shows with Jet. Mother of god.

The Vines announced they’d be playing in support of Jet on two shows in Sydney as part of the latter’s planned Get Born 15th anniversary tour (and boy, doesn’t that make you feel old).

More to that, it’ll be the Highly Evolved-era lineup of The Vines that takes the stage, with Craig Nicholls, Ryan Griffith, Patrick Matthews, and Hamish Rosser performing as a group for the first time since 2004. It’ll be the first time Matthews has played with The Vines since then, and the first Vines show for both Griffiths and Rosser since 2012.

That’s the good news, for those of you still frothing on good old fashioned early 2000s rock n roll.

The (slightly) bad news is that the pairing is only set to last for just the two shows, on May 30th and 31st, and one of those shows is already sold out.

The gig on Thursday, May 31st at the Enmore Theatre has already blasted through all its available tickets, so if you’re absolutely keen to catch two groups who dominated WhatUWant‘s request line for a solid few months, Wednesday May 30th at the Metro Theatre is your only bet.

You can grab tickets for that one via LiveNation.

Jet’s Get Born anniversary tour kicks off on May 29th in Newcastle, before it snakes its way around the country taking in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, before winding up in Melbourne.