Rebecca Black Just Dropped A Bonkers PC Pop Remix Of Friday On Its 10th (!!!) Birthday

rebecca black friday remix

Rebecca Black‘s iconic, hilarious, memed-to-hell-and-back single Friday is ten years old. I’m just gonna let that sink in for a moment because that song, which turned into a huge viral sensation in record time back in 2011, felt like it was released about two years ago. And though it’s not yet Friday (Friday, gotta get down on Friday), Rebecca Black has celebrated its 10th birthday by dropping a new remix that goes harder than it has any right to whatsoever.

Rebecca teased a bunch of collabs and features for the remix of the track, and when she dropped the track, we found out that Big FreediaDorian Electra and 3OH!3 have all joined in on the track. If you think that sounds like a lot, then you’d be absolutely fucken right. It’s a LOT, and it fully slaps.

rebecca black friday remixMe, every time.

Produced by Dylan Brady (who you’d know as one-half of 100 Gecs), the new remix sounds like a Vengaboys track after you’ve scoffed a bunch of acid and huffed half a bottle of amyl. It’s fast-paced, upbeat, glitchy PC Pop and transforms the song from the early 2010s cringe track into something I can guarantee will wind up being blared at the club at about 3am when your party favours kick in for round two.

I truly can’t do this remix justice so please, just disassociate and listen to this 2 minutes and 56 seconds of pure sugar-and-popping-candy coated chaos.

I feel like it’s 2001 and I’ve just necked a can of V and I’m about to cut loose at the underage disco at the local golf club. It’s like the musical equivalent of jamming a whole packet of Mentos into a two-litre bottle of Diet Coke and holding it up to your face.

I’m utterly obsessed with this reclamation of a song that very much brought Rebecca a whole avalanche of hate mail and cyberbullying, and transforming it into something that you’d be stoked to hear at the club.

Big Freedia’s verse is fucken inspired too. I hope that collab means more people are about to get exposed to the true energy that is Big Freedia’s music and live shows, because that’s what we all need and deserve this year.

Oh and I absolutely did not have the 3OH!3 renaissance on my 2021 bingo sheet, I’ll tell you that much for free.

Now all I need is for Rebecca Black to re-shoot the video clip but make it PC pop weirdness. Do it, it’ll be so bloody good.