Raekwon Played A Tiny Secret Show At A Lord Of The Fries In Melbs Last Night

We all love a good, old-fashioned secret gig from time to time, but normally we’re used to them going down in actual venues or pubs, not in a vegetarian fast food outlet on a Monday night.

But as it turns out, the legendary Raekwon of the almighty Wu-Tang Clan did just that last night in an inner Melbourne eatery.

Raekwon, in Australia at the moment for an on-going tour with the equally notable Slick Rick, stopped by a Lord of the Fries outlet on Brunswick St in Fitzroy to eat burgers, dip fries in various sauces, and – would you even believe – perform a short set for the hungry punters in the store.

The gig was open to a lucky handful of fans who scored tickets via LotF’s social media channels, and was run in conjunction with the vege/vegan chippery launching a new range of “Beyond Meat” plant-based patties that reportedly cook and taste like conventional meat.

Raekwon and fellow members of the Wu have been known to do surprise, intimate gigs at vegetarian joints across the world, but this marks the first time one of those shows has gone down in Melbourne.

Lord of the Fries were good enough to broadcast the whole thing live on Facebook for those not lucky enough to score an in. Wrap your eyes around it below, with old mate opening up proceedings with a decidedly chill and good rendition of C.R.E.A.M..

We’ve also got some additional, pro-shot footage of the gig embedded below. Wrap your lookin’ gear around why not.

Raekwon and Slick Rick’s 2018 Australian tour continues on Wednesday in Perth, before wrapping up in Adelaide on Thursday.