Here’s the gorgeous new video for “Wah Ha” the first single taken from the new forthcoming album by Australian indie chanteuse, Lisa Mitchell.

“This video came about it a unexpected way,” the 24 year old tells us. “A good friend, Kirrilee Bailey, and I went up to the snow for the weekend during the winter season just passed. We stayed in a lodge that was like something out of a Wes Anderson film is an alpine wilderness full of childhood memories of going skiing with my family.” 

“I spent our time on the chairlifts rambling to Kirri while she clung to her cameras, about the ski-runs my sister and I loved and where we’d meet Mum and Dad for hot chocolate at the bottom,” she continues. “Kirri and I didn’t ski this time – we just took in the views, played with Kirri’s prism lenses in the heavenly light and got lost in the bluest sky I’d seen in a while. The footage was so charming that we realised it would make the perfect accompaniment to Wah Ha; grounded in the Australian Landscape but somehow floating off into the ether.”

Float away above then come back down to earth with this sun-dappled Polaroid set taken during the making of the film clip.