Placebo’s Debut Album Causes Late-Onset Teenage Angst For Cover-Star

The cover-star of Placebo’s debut self-titled album is mustering every “spare bit of money” he can to mount a law suit against the droll post-punk glam band, claiming the unlicensed use of his image on the cover ruined his childhood and caused him a lifetime of Placebo-related trauma. Trauma like the kind inflicted by the styling in the photo above.

David Fox, now 28, told The London Times that the use of his image on the cover of the highly-successful album resulted in relentless teasing from his peers (I imagine Fox has had his fair share of ‘Nancy Boy’ levelled at him over his time). As a result, he was forced to take an extended break from school, which further lead to him dropping out. After training as a chef, Fox lost his job in the recession and is now looking to make an arduous and drawn-out buck by drumming up a pretty late-to-the-party lawsuit against Placebo for the years of late-onset distress they’ve unknowingly caused.

You’ve gotta feel sorry for Fox, he’s obviously hit a rough patch and is cashing in on whatever he can as his ability to julienne a carrot has evidently fallen short. Poor guy. He should probably take issue with his cousin, the photographer who gave permission for the band to use the photograph without consulting him. Seems like he’d be the one with all the royalties resulting from his initial misuse of the image.

In a similar vein, I also hold very little hope for this kid’s high-school career too.

The band however, who have declined to comment on the issue, would almost certainly consider their job here done. What, with all the Teenage Angst and Cruel Intentions..! Sorry. Cue this to make up for that horrible segue:

Via and The London Times.

Photo by Michael Buckner via Getty Image