Old People Review Animal Collective and Young Jeezy

You know a clip is gonna be good when it begins with an elderly woman saying: “Good Morning everybody and welcome to our music review show “Breakfast at Sulimays” today we have a new song from The Young Jeezys and Animal Collective”.

“Breakfast At Sulimays” as I soon found out is a music review series that turns three elderly residents of Fishtown, Philadelphia into music critics while breaking bread at Sulimays – the local diner. For the latest episode the critical triumvirate are Ann, Joe and Bill and their songs for review are Animal Collective’s “My Girls” and Young Jeezy’s “Black Dreams” which according to Bill (or is it Joe?) has undone, in one song, everything the black race has accomplished thus far. Ouch, not even Pitchfork has written a review as scathing. Ann kinda digs it however. When it comes time for “My Girls” though Ann looks like she’s about to have a mild heart attack and the verdict is unanimously negative. It’s actually refreshing to hear a review of “My Girls” that is less then reverent unlike this one. They also seamlessly plug Girl Scout cookies while introducing the track so extra points for that.

Also check out the below review of Joanna Newsom. At the 2:20 mark someone says “Music’s not bad, you know it’s a mood thing you sleep to, til she opens her fucking mouth.” Just saying what we were all thinking right? Right. Old people rule.

Via Gorilla Vs. Bear