Animal Collective Release Shoes, New Music

Sure, Panda Bear’s wife is a semi-successful fashion designer and their trippy visual identity probs contributed to the proliferation of cosmic prints currently adorning young people’s chests right now, but Animal Collective’s first foray into the fashion world, a series of slip-on shoes that look like they’re marketed to 10th grade art students, is pretty darn terrible/questionable. Until of course, you realize it’s for charity. It’s for charity guys. Charity absolves all questionable cross promotional activity, it’s a fact.

This one’s for LA based shoe brand Keep with all proceeds going to Socorro Island Conservation Fund, a charity that benefits the Revillagigedo Archipelago area in America. First in the series comes from Avey Tare (see below) and if signature slip-ons aren’t quite your thing AnCo completeists, this might tempt you instead. Advanced sales come with a bonus cassette featuring previously unreleased music. Boom.

Via P4K