Nikki Webster & Rebecca Black Are Doing A “Bingo Rave” Tour Of Aus And It Sounds Fkn Wild

Get ready for both the year 2000 and 2011 to smack you right in the face, because Nikki Webster and Rebecca Black are touring Australia together in 2020 with a run of bingo nights (?) which is absolutely not something I thought I would ever write.

Bingo Loco XXL is a run of literal bingo nights in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth that apparently “turns bingo on its head”, and for the big 2020 tour, they’ve wrangled two iconic popstars in Rebecca Black and our beloved Nikki Webster as its two special guests.

I just don’t even know where to begin here but it sounds absolutely chaotic.

Hosted by RatDog himself, Alex Dyson, the Bingo Loco nights promise to have lip-sync battles, dance-offs, confetti showers, and rave rounds (which I know for a fact will be embraced by Dyso), as well as pretty bloody massive prizes – because what’s the point of dabbing a full house without getting a sweet prize? In the past, Bingo Loco has handed out

Not too sure if your Nan’s bingo nights down at the RSL look anything like this, to be honest.

Both Nikki and Rebecca have been announced as special guests for the May tour, so I’m not sure if that means they’ll be performing their iconic tracks ‘Friday‘ and ‘Strawberry Kisses‘, but my God I hope it means that someone has to have a dance-off against them, or lip-sync for their lives.

Or at least I want Nikki to revisit her Masked Singer alien costume. Please, God.

This whole thing sounds like utter chaos, and I actually can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

You can cop tickets to the Bingo Loco XXL tour from the website, which includes a bingo option, a non-bingo option, and a meet and greet option with Rebecca Black (which won’t even cost you $100, can you believe?)

Check out the full dates below, wrangle your group chat, because this legit sounds like it’ll be a night of screaming out bingo and maybe raving to Sandstorm with Nikki Webster? Who bloody knows.

Rebecca Black & Nikki Webster Bingo Loco XXL Australian Tour 2020

Friday 22nd May
The Big Top, Luna Park

Saturday 23rd May

Friday 29th May
Melbourne Pavilion

Saturday 30th May
Fortitude Music Hall