Nikki Webster Is Casting ‘Dance Moms Australia’ & She Wants You, If You Are A Dancing Child

Nikki Webster Dance Moms.

It’s hard to say whether the golden age of reality TV is now, when there are approximately 500,000,000 of them, or back in 2009, when they launched a reality TV show in which Steven Seagal did arrests as a deputised sheriff in a parish in the state of Louisiana. Still, you cannot deny that there are just about as many reality TV shows coming out now as you could ever need. Want a version of Dance Moms that’s in Australia and is hosted by Nikki Webster? Fuck it, you got it.

[jwplayer oTUtyuBC]

The former darling of the 2000 Olympics, now the owner of dance studio, chucked up a video this afternoon calling for audition videos for an Australian version of the reality show Dance Moms, which was more famous for the insane parents and insane children it featured than it was for any dancing.

The call-out is for 8- to 16-year-olds who “have the dance moves, dedication and drive to be a star,” and “outshine everyone they compete against,” offering these dancers what could be the “beginning of their promising dance career.”

There’s no date for when the show would be starting, but auditions will be kicking off late January and early February in NSW next year.

You can find more details here, if that’s your sort of thing.