Nick Cave Is Publishing A Book He Wrote On Airsick Bags

Because Nicholas Edward Cave does whatever the hell Nicholas Edward Cave pleases, the Bad Seed and occasional Kylie Minogue collaborator is publishing a book that he wrote entirely on airsick bags.
The Sick Bag Song, compiled during the singer’s 2014 American tour. It promises to be a “restless full-length epic, seeking out the roots of inspiration, love and meaning,” combining “poetry, lyrics, memories, musings, flights of fancy and journal entries.”
If the idea of a middle-aged man writing down poetry and musings on airsick bags is enough to make you bilious, then fear not – the limited edition comes with an actual airsick bag, personalised with a series of “notes, doodles or lyrics” by Cave himself.
That bad boy, which will set you back close to AU $1440, also comes with two vinyl LPs of Cave reading the book, along with hardcover and paperback editions. 
The limited edition is available on June 4, while regular schmucks can by the standard edition, consisting of a hardcover copy and an audiobook, on April 8.
Here’s a bit of a taste:

Photo: Andreas Rentz via Getty Images