Nick Cave Promises New Bad Seeds LP

While Grinderman tour their visceral and logically named sophomore LP, Grinderman 2, across America, tireless frontman Nick Cave has announced a new Bad Seeds album slated for release next year. Speaking with Spinner, the enviably prolific screenwriter, musician and author confirmed, simply, that “There will be a new Bad Seeds record next year“.

Cave, well accustomed to the pressures of deadline following the release of his second novel “The Death of Bunny Munro” earlier this year, also unveiled an almost workmanlike approach to songwriting. “I’ve got to write one,” he said of the next Bad Seeds album, “I haven’t written anything yet, but that’s not how I go about things anyway. I have the starting date for the next record and that’s when I go into the office and start it. I’m not doing that until I’ve finished the Grinderman tour, which is amazing. The band is something else,“.

Cave also spoke of the positive and negative effects Grinderman had on his Bad Seeds brethren: “After we finished the first one [Grinderman] and saw the response to it and saw the rejuvenating effect it had on the Bad Seeds, it made sense to continue. It’s like having a mistress: It has the ability to reinvigorate the Bad Seeds or destroy the Bad Seeds. I think it’s put a spark of life back into the relationship…It’s been very helpful to the band, because people who are in the Bad Seeds who aren’t in Grinderman feel liberated as well: If they can make a fucking racket why can’t we? It’s changed the dynamic in a very positive way.

The last Bad Seeds album, Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!, was released in 2008.