New Red Riders Video – “You’ve Got A Lot Of Nerve”

Red Riders have dropped the video for ‘You’ve Got A Lot Of Nerve’ the first single from their forthcoming LP “Drown In Colour”.

Since their debut LP, 2006’s “Replica Replica”, the Sydney four-piece have lost a member, supported Franz Ferdinand, gained a member (The Vines’ bassist Brad Heald) and even appeared on Pedestrian. They’ve been off the map for a while now but the below slice of rooftop stop motion magic is sure to jog your memory banks.

If you wanted more information about the clip, frontman Al Grigg offered some insider notes on the shoot via the band’s Myspace:

1. It’s stop-motion.
2. Which means that it’s really just thousands of photos run together.
3. Kind of like those flip books you’d make at school when you were really bored, except with photos instead of stick-man drawings.
4. It was shot by our friend Chris Hopkins on 16mm film and a couple of old 80s cameras.
5. We shot 13 seconds of footage a day.
6. It took 18 sunrises and a bunch of sunsets.
7. Matt’s feet were wet 80% of the time.
8. Tom was cold 90% of the time.
9. Korean newly-weds and hyper-active kids were desperate to make cameo appearances and to hit us with rocks, respectively.