Miley Cyrus Smokebombed Her Instagram To Tease Her New Single W/ Mark Ronson

Miley Cyrus has totally wiped her Instagram clean to generate H.Y.P.E. ahead of the release on Thursday of a new single with Mark Ronson.

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It all kicked off yesterday with Ronson tweeting a video of a broken heart-shaped discoball, accompanied by despairing string music, writing, “the heartbreak era is coming… sooner than u think #featuringwho?

Well Miley posted the same video earlier today, with a caption of a broken heart emoji  and what seems like the release date 29/11. So guess what, it’s a Miley track!

Then she settled in to post a couple glimpses of what we can presume is the eventual video clip: someone dressed as a clown running, and a small child playing with bullets. All set to the same sinister string score.

I both need to see this now and never need to see it ever. It is very confusing/exciting for me personally.

Then of course to top it off, Cyrus dropped all three teasers on her newly wiped Instagram, the still images spelling out the song’s likely title ‘Like A Heartbreak‘.

The pair are due to perform the new track on Saturday Night Live on December 15.

Meanwhile Ronson has posted a cute pic of himself featuring what may or may not be the official hashtag, #theheartbreakera.

Considering Ronson’s huge reputation as a producer and songwriter, it would be incredible if this signposted the start of a series of collabs with different artists centred around #heartbreak. Pls Miley hook him up with Ariana Grande.

Or it might just be an ongoing collaboration with Cyrus, whose last record, the shiny Younger Now didn’t have the grit of her 2013 reinvention record, Bangerz. Ronson could make it groovy AND emotional. If you’re not across his oeuvre his Insta Stories rn are a collection of some of his most notable projects, from working with Amy Winehouse on Back to Black to ‘Uptown Funk‘. And his last record Uptown Special was veryyyy Kevin Parker-heavy, the Tame Impala lead even touring it with him back in 2015.

Sure, it’s tempting to wax lyrical about what this heartbreak content ~MEANS~ for Cyrus’ relationship with Liam Hemsworth. But by all accounts it seems like the engaged couple are just fine, aside from the whole house burning down in the California wildfires thing.

Hemsworth even posted a very balloon-heavy birthday shot a few days ago.

So yeah, probably not an arbiter of doom single. Maybe it’s just a moody pop jam? Talk Thursday.