How many times I can use the word “Sydney” in one sentence? The (Sydney) Magazine, the Sydney Morning Herald’s monthly lifestyle supplement, have today unveiled their compendium of Sydney’s 100 most influential people Sydneysiders. Sydney Malkovich sydney. Contained within, your usual mix of environmentalists, philanthropists, writers, businessmen, legal mavens, scientists, doctors and politicians as well as designers (Dion Lee), musicians (Angus and Julia Stone, DJs (Anna Lunoe), filmmakers (David Michod), nightlife impresarios (Justin Hemmes), graphic designers (Vince Frost) and sportsmen (Todd Carney). You have to admit – when it comes to self-congratulatory grandstanding, no city does it better.
See the full list below…
The (Sydney) Magazine’s 100 Most Influential
1. Marah Braye: CEO/Biennale of Sydney (the revolutionary)
2/3. Simon & Catriona Mordant: philanthropists (the instigators)
4. David Handley: founding director/Sculpture by the Sea (the dreamer)
5. Lisa Havilah: director/Campbelltown Arts Centre (the non-conformist)
6. Martin Sharp: artist (the icon)
7/8. Angus & Julia Stone: musicians (the songbirds)
9. Anna Lunoe: DJ (the outsider)
10. Vladimir Ashkenazy: conductor (the maestro)
11. Stephanie Carrick: manager/Triple J Unearthed (the nurturer)
12. Peter Rechniewski: co-founder/SIMA (the fan)
13. Mary Finsterer: composer (the writer)
14. Delia Falconer: writer (the storyteller)
15. Chip Rolley: director/Sydney Writer’s Festival (the ringleader)
16. Peter Bishop: former creative director/Varuna, The Writer’s House (the mentor)
17. Peter FitzSimons: author and columnist (the powerhouse)
18. Margie Seale: director/Random House Australia and New Zealand (the explorer)
19./20. Mark & Carl Fennessy: joint CEOs/Shine (the wizards)
21. George Miller: film director and producer (the entertainer)
22. David Seargeant: managing director/AHL (the futurist)
23. Mark Colvin: presenter/ABC Radio’s PM (the communicator)
24. John Edwards: producer/Southern Star (the alchemist)
25. David Michod: writer and director/Animal Kingdom (the auteur)
26. Wendy Martin: head of theatre and dance/Sydney Opera House (the magician)
27. David Campbell: singer and producer (the showman)
28. iota: singer (the ringmaster)
29. Ewen Leslie: actor (the virtuoso)
30. Lyndon Terracini: artistic director/Opera Australia (the connector)
31. Ralph Myers: artistic director/Belvoir St Theatre (the storyteller)
32. John Bell: artistic director/Bell Shakespeare Company
33. Grant Fuzi: partner/Allen & Overy (the mastermind)
34. Annette Marfording: visiting fellow/UNSW (the researcher)
35. Greg Curtain: SC/barrister (the reformer)
36. Nick James: managing director/Optim Legal (the challenger)
37. Rachael Martin: principal solicitor/Wirringa Baiya (the defender)
38. Mark Tedeschi: senior Crown prosecutor (the prosecutor)
39. Tony Abbott: Opposition Leader (the performer)
40. Anthony Albanese: Minister for Transport and Infrastructure (the insider)
41. Tony Burke: Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (the lynchpin)
42. Malcolm Turnbull: shadow communications minister (the phoenix)
43. Greg Combet: Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (the contender)
44. Lee Rhiannon: Greens senator-elect for NSW (the victor)
45. Beck Ronkson: director/Milk Crate Theatre (the director)
46. Daniel Petsalis: manager/Missionbeat (the provider)
47. Jason Glanville: CEO/National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (the uplifter)
48. Bill Phippen: president/Technical Aid to the Disabled (the samaritan)
49. Robin Crawford: chairman/GoodStart Childcare (the dealmaker)
50. Mahboba Rawi: founder/Mahboba’s Promise (the angel)
51. Catherine Livingstone: chairman/Telstra (the negotiator)
52. Belinda Hitchinson: chairman/QBE (the example)
53. James Packer: chairman/Consolidated Press Holding (the mogul)
54. Sir Ralph Norris: CEO/Commonwealth Bank (the divider)
55. Frank Lowy: chairman/Westfield (the statesman)
56. Andrew Cibej: restaurateur (the idealist)
57. Justin Hemmes: CEO/Merivale Group (the trendsetter)
58. Rob Hirst: chairman/Fine Wine Partners (the connoisseur)
59/60. Martin Benn & Vicki Wild: co-owners/Sepia (the visionaries)
61. Mark Best: owner/Marque (the creator)
62. Vince Frost: graphic designer/founder/Frost* (the visualiser)
63. Ken Maher: architect/executive chairman/Hassell (the leader)
64. Dan Hill: designer/senior consultant/Arup (the thinker)
65. Trent Jansen: furniture designer (the iconoclast)
66/67. Russel Koskela & Sasha Titchkosky: furniture designers/Koskela (the collaborators)
68. Gai Waterhouse: horse trainer (the believer)
69. Ellyse Perry: cricketer and footballer (the prodigy)
70. Kieren Jack: AFL player (the renegade)
71. Geoff Huegill: swimmer (the motivator)
72. Todd Carney: rugby league player (the redeemed)
73. Dion Lee: fashion designer (the knockout)
74. Simon Lock: founder/Australian Fashion Week (the entrepreneur)
75. Janet Petterson: costume designer (the detailer)
76/77. Nicky & Simone Zimmermann: fashion designers (the stayers)
78. Bryan Gaensler: professor of physics/Sydney Institute for Astronomy (the spaceman)
79. John O’Sulluvan: digital systems engineers/Australia Telescope National Facility (the stargazer)
80. Chris Evans: professor/Centre for the Integrative Study of Animal Behaviour/Macquarie University (the behaviourist)
81. Hugh Durrant-Whyte: research director/Australian Centre for Field Robotics (the pioneer)
82. Eric Jamieson: principal/Plumpton High School (the educationist)
83. Bob Lipscombe: president/NSW Teachers Federation (the agitator)
84. Peter Goodyear: professor of education/University of Sydney (the researcher)
85. Peter Hill: CEO/ Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) (the authority)
86. David Gonski: chancellor/UNSW/chairman/Review of Funding for Schooling (the bigwig)
87/88. Scott Farquhar & Michael Cannon-Brookes: co-founders/Atlassian (the explorers)
89. Ian Carroll: director/ABC Innovation (the innovator)
90. James R. Curran: senior IT lecturer/University of Sydney (the translator)
91. Sally Crossing: chair/Cancer Voices NSW (the advocate)
92. Robyn Ward: oncologist/head of Prince of Wales clinical schools/University of NSW (the trailblazer)
93. Kate Curtis: trauma professor (the carer)
94. Patrick Cregan: chairman/Surgical Services Taskforce (the reformer)
95. Bruce Cooper: renal physician/Royal North Shore Hospital (the contrarian)
96. Stefan Stavropolous: owner/Café Giulia (the sustainer)
97. Andy Pitman: co-director/UNSW Climate Change Research Centre (the saviour)
98. Kirsty Ruddock: principal solicitor/Environmental Defender’s Office NSW (the fighter)
99. Allan Jones: chief development officer/Energy & Climate Change/City of Sydney (the guardian)
100. Julian Lee: co-founder/Food Connect Sydney (the cultivator)
Title Image by Cameron Spencer via Getty