Matt McGorry Is A Sex Panther In Music Video For Peking Duk’s ‘Say My Name’

Peking Duk‘s music videos are hotly anticipated, because let’s face it – Adam Hyde & Reuben Styles are fuck off hilarious, and everything they do borders on performance art. 

But despite their list of previous collaborators being ahhh-mazing – national treasure Karl Stefanovic and drunken-burger-eating icon David Hasselhoff – they have truly outdone themselves with the music video for their latest single, ‘Say My Name’. (It’s here on iTunes.)
Please welcome to the Duk-niverse; Orange is the New Black star, passionate feminist, extremely good looking human, and the dude that banged Amber Rose in her Funny or Die ‘Walk Of No Shame’ vid, the illustrious Matt McGorry
McGorry has been touting the release of the video on his Instagram account – including this absolute cracker of a video of him getting his gorgey mullet weave brushed:

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. My @pekingduk music video drops tomorrow. #BeholdTheSexy #SayMyName

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But anyway, you are here to watch ~the shit~ out of this video, and we ain’t stoppin’ ya:
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