Mariah’s Made Nearly $1M From Your “All I Want For Xmas Is You” Spotify Streams This Year

Mariah Carey, Queen Of Chrismas™, has apparently made close to one million buckos from “All I Want For Christmas Is You” streams on Spotify this year ALONE. Trusted sources also confirm that Carey’s shoulders hurt from carrying the entirety of Christmas each year. Take a seat, sis. You’re earned it.

Love you, sweetie.

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According to Digital News Music, Spotify paid $0.00437 USD (roughly $0.0064 AUD) per play this year.

With these figures in mind, according to Broadband Deals’ Pay Per Play, a UK site analysing how much artists make from Spotify, “All I Want For Christmas Is You” has earned Mimi $628,000 USD (over $913,000 AUD) this year thanks to a casual 143 million streams.

The tune has over 600 million streams in total, which according to the site, equates to around $3.5million. There’s obviously no way to tell for sure how much Mimi herself took home unless she shows the damn receipts, so don’t take this super, super literally, but please, just know that she’s made a fuck-tonne.

In fact, when December 1 rolls around each year, I’m sure Mariah sits back (like the above relatable GIF), puts her feet up, pours herself a flute of fancy goon and watches the money roll on in. Nothing but respect for our festive queen.

Sleigh bitch.