M.I.A. Drops New Video And Track

Speaking with Rolling Stone earlier this week Maya Arulpragasam the recent Mother, must-follow Twitter user and genre crushing MC better known as M.I.A. laid out a few ground rules for her as-yet-untitled third studio LP: “I don’t want it to be gimmicky or silly or hipstery” she declared.

A few days later Maya tweeted this – “THERES SPACE FOR OL DAT I SEE” with a link to the below video. Let us see…Breaking a song via Twitter, with a title that sounds like it was conceived by a spaced out toddler but actually sounds vaguely like the Guccia Mane meets Animal Collective hypothesis Diplo put forward last year IS gimmicky, silly and hippstery (in that order).

But damn it’s a jam. The track starts with an Air Raid Siren (eyeroll) but then it’s all dusty mud beats, Maya on full croon and yes, AnCo-esque cricket noises and NASA radio waves. The last minute, a bleep and bleed 8-Bit apocalypse is totally fitting of the Matrix visuals on offer and an encouraging sign for the experimental leap forward M.I.A. has promised. Move this straight to the top of your “eagerly awaited” list.

Main Image by: Christopher Polk via Getty