Good Morning To Louis Tomlinson’s ‘Walls’ Video And All The 1D Conspiracy Theorists

Walls, the new single from Louis Tomlinson, isn’t the most ambitious solo track we’ve heard from One Direction’s former members. Backed by a pop-rock jam which could have materialised at any point after Oasis dissolved, Tomlinson’s voice hardly ventures out of safe territory. Plus, if you ignore the lingering fan-fiction merchants, the lyrics present some perfectly palatable post-breakup reflection.

“It’s about coming home having been on tour, soon after the band had split,” Tomlinson said in a statement obtained by iHeartRadio. 

“I found some of my girlfriend’s clothes in the cupboard and it hit me what I’d done.”

Relatable. Anyway, I will probably do my groceries to this song in the near future.

But in the tune’s new music video, which premiered online this morning, Tomlinson does take one risk: he takes his place next to four silhouetted figures in a clear boy band formation. A humble pop-rock tune about maturing after a lost love? Fuck it, let’s reminisce about the lads.

While the easiest explanation for that nostalgic nugget would be to drum up press for the video (as evidenced by this very article, it clearly worked), the more ardent believers in esoteric Directionology have ascribed their own meanings to the clip.

If I were Louis, I’d put walls around myself too.