Lorde Says Thanks But No Thanks To David Guetta Collaboration

Lorde’s god-like ascension into the plush inner-sanctum of pop music’s limited capacity VIP room has brought with it a dazzling array of new and notable life experiences: Tavi Gevinson hangouts, Rick Ross remixes, #1 singles in multiple countries, Jools Holland performances, and now, something it seems most musicians of a certain stature have to contend with, rejecting David Guetta.

In a comprehensive Faster Louder profile unpacking the Kiwi singer-songwriter’s wrecking ball like disruption of the pop music ecosystem, contributor Duncan Greive witnesses a brief interaction between thy Lorde and her manager, Scott Maclachlan, in which she politely says thanks but no thanks to a David Guetta collaboration. 

The profile describes it thus: “He [Maclachlan] pulls Ella aside to inform her that EDM star David Guetta wants her on his next album. “No,” she says sharply. “Fuck no. He’s so gross.” Gross? Well, yes. But also the most influential and successful producer on the planet over the past five years. Stars like Rihanna, Jessie J and the Black Eyed Peas line up to work with him. He sells a shitload of albums and dominates radio. But Ella wasn’t interested in debating the issue, and Maclachlan knows her well enough to move on.”

Someone who feels her pain is #nofilter Cut Copy frontman Dan Whitford who recently described to us that one time he was propositioned by, then rejected, Ibiza’s spirit animal.

“We’ve had quite a lot of big name producer type people reach out to us
like Tiesto and Dave Guetta, some people who are maybe short of ideas on
their own and want other people to help them out a little bit,” he said. “A lot of
these people that we probably wouldn’t want to work with or aren’t
inspired by.”

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