Lorde Is Absolutely Crushing Global Album Charts With #1 Debuts Worldwide

Lorde, pop music’s most sincere genius, has gone ahead and dominated the planet with her newie Melodrama – and she’s garnered a stack of #1 album spots to prove it.

In brief messages composing of equal parts appreciation and disbelief, the Kiwi gun broadcast the fact her second LP cracked the top spot on Australian, American, Canadian and New Zealand charts.

Those messages come after yesterday’s downright beautiful news: she deservedly topped the US Billboard Album Charts and our own ARIA rankings. She toppled Ed Sheeran’s Divide in both the Aussie and Kiwi markets, and Canadian mainstays Nickelback in their home nation. Go figure.

Melodrama debuted at #5 on the UK album charts, which is surely a grievous error that’ll be corrected in time.
And, if you think she’s happy about this global domination, just wait until you clock how stoked her parents are:

If you wish to smile as wide as her ‘rents, feel free to do so during Lorde’s mammoth run of gigs Down Under. 

Source: Lorde / Twitter.
Photo: Shirlaine Forrest / Getty.