As far as celeb Halloween costumes go, Lizzo‘s effort this year is nothing short of elite. By going as the fly on Mike Pence‘s head during the American vice-presidential debate, she managed to turn a so-so joke into something way, way better.

Who could forget earlier in October when a fly landed on the head of US Vice President Mike Pence during an election debate and it just, kind of… sat there… on his perfect vice-presidential head of hair. It became an meme within minutes.

In comes Lizzo, who managed to turn the fly into a sexy Halloween costume, complete with badges telling people to vote.

Honestly, Mike Pence can lowkey get it. And thanks to Lizzo’s fierce costume, so can the fly.

She didn’y stop there, either.

Because this is the sexy fly, and not just any fly, Lizzo recorded herself giving the insect equivalent of a lap-dance to Daddy Pence’s lush head of silver hair.

Get it, Lizzo. Make that old man forget the names of his grandkids, or whatever.

For anyone who can’t pull off a pair of wings like Lizzo can, one costume store has even started selling grey wigs with a plastic fly stuck on them.

While Lizzo’s getup would make a perfect couple’s costume with Mike Pence himself, something tells me the two won’t be crossing paths anytime soon.

Image: Instagram / @lizzobeeating | Getty Images / Alex Wong