Listen: Radiohead Ukelele Covers By Amanda Palmer

What do you get one you combine the most comical of musical instruments (the ukelele) with the music of the world’s greatest band (Radiohead) and a self-confessed ukelelehead who also happens to be a fine cabaret singer/performer (Amanda Palmer from Dresden Dolls). You get a 7-track EP of Radiohead cover songs titled Amanda Palmer Performs The Popular Hits of Radiohead on Her Magical Ukulele.

Palmer’s four-string concept album has been released today: a tight edit of Radiohead tunes stripped back Hawaiian luau-style; and despite that in theory it could have been fantastically shite it’s actually a real treat.

The will be available digitally and on a limited edition vinyl release available exclusively from the store, but you can preview the entire album:

<a href="">Fake Plastic Trees by Amanda Palmer</a>

1.Fake Plastic Trees 05:22
2.High And Dry 04:10
3.No Surprises 03:44
4.Idioteque 04:08
5.Creep (Hungover at Soundcheck in Berlin) 04:41
6.Exit Music (For A Film) 05:17
7.Creep (Live in Prague) 05:17

Via our friends at twentyfourbit