The most unbelievable thing about Limp Bizkit chucking a set at a middle-American petrol station, on the mythical date of 4/20, is exactly how believable it really is. 

That’s exactly what made Dayton, Ohio resident Brian Baker’s Limp Bizkit to play 4/20 Secret Show Facebook event such a bloody success, and what drove ardent fans – and many more happy-go-lucky shitstirrers – to the pumps to celebrate Lord Durst’s phantom arrival. 

It followed a smackdown from the red-capped king himself, because Baker’s well-intentioned ruse somehow didn’t translate to a real appearance from the cargo-shorted juggernauts of yore: 

The 5-0 also had a word about it, regardless of whether the masses of wallet-chain aficionados would think to pay attention:

In the end (shit, wrong nu-metal reference), over 8,000 nookie-enthusiasts signed up to the event, but more importantly, people rocked up IRL. God bless ’em, because Limp Bizkit not being there shouldn’t stop the spirit of Limp Bizkit being there. Actually, maybe that was just the pump fumes, but observe: 

#limpbizkit killed it tonight in Dayton!! Holy fuck. So glad the homies could make it. @limpbizkit @rayaflanagan @russellflanagan @nickthewilk @mattwatsongtr @thisisjck

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#LimpBizkit #Sunoco @peacesellsbutwhosbrian

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Ready for the #LimpBizkit 4/20 show. #sunocotour #kevinwhaleyisabitch #420

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At this point, we’d be remiss to mention the event itself bills their appearance in 2017 – but hey, 4/20 waits for no man. Such was the aura of surprise Durst that the local news even ran a bit on the whole deal, pushing the homely shitstirring to televised new heights.


Thing whole thing smacks of that time the internet voted to send Pitbull to the uber-remote Walmart in Alaska, but even then, Mr Worldwide lived up to his name and actually bloody went. 

And if a bloke whose personality is 100% Miami can shack up in the snowy north, Limp Bizkit can surely stake their claim on their home turf: the discount CD rack at some random servo. 

Limp Bizkit Fans Hit By Fkn Great 4/20 Prank, Rock Up To Fake Servo Gig

Source: The Daily Beast. 
Justin Page / Facebook.