Limp Bizkit Are Back (Confessions Of A Former Nu-Metal Listener)

Limp Bizkit will kick off a world tour in the Spring and a new album, which would be the original group’s first full-length effort since 2000, is also planned. The fact that I’m mildly excited about their reunion should alert you to my gender (male) and approximate age (21) because, and I’m not ashamed to admit it, there was a time not too long ago when Limp Bizkit were actually my favourite band.

It’s really not my fault though, so please forgive my idolization of a band who derived their name from a game involving ejaculation and baked goods. Though I was blissfully unaware of that fact at the time. I was young, impressionable, angry for no reason and reveled in listening to music that liberally dropped the f-bomb and made my mother double take when walking past my room. I thought I was so edgy. Turns out my Parents had way better music taste than me…and I was an idiot. Limp Bizkit’s influence didn’t stop at just music taste however, they also influenced the way I dressed. I bought a knock off tri-stripe Adidas track jacket and fitted baseball cap because that’s what Fred Durst rocked. And looking back there’s nothing more ridiculous than a skinny asian pre-teen with baggy jeans and attitude. At least I can laugh about it now, and I’m sure there are others like me. Reformed Nu-Metal enthusiasts, I guarantee you’re not alone.

Fred Durst and Wes Borland said in a joint statement:

“We decided we were more disgusted and bored with the state of heavy popular music than we were with each other. Regardless of where our separate paths have taken us, we recognize there is a powerful and unique energy with this particular group of people we have not found anywhere else. This is why Limp Bizkit is back.”