Liam Gallagher Looks Back In Anger, Nopes Out Of Lollapalooza After 20-Min Set

Liam Gallagher‘s life is hard, okay? What with constant warring with Noel and being ID’d, age 40, for trying to buy a pack of darts, things are getting tough.

So tough, in fact, that he stormed off stage at Lollapalooza after just 20 minutes. Billboard reports that his set began at 4:30pm, and yet by 4:50pm, and after playing just three songs, he stormed off-stage.

Rumours were running wild as to why the former Oasis band member bailed on the crowd, with this one being my absolute favourite…

…but now the big man himself has offered up an explainer, which basically amounts to not being quite up to the task.

You know he really means it when he doesn’t sign off a tweet with “as you were LG x”, but fans are still well and truly pissed.

This tweet did not age well:

Or did, depending on your interpretation of and tolerance for so-called ‘rock star antics’. Lollapalooza has yet to make an official statement on the whole thing.