LET’S GET WEIRD: ‘Workaholics’ Boys Are Playing A Free DJ Set In Bondi


(And apologies to everyone else.)

Tomorrow night in Bondi, 2/4 of The Workaholics boys – that’s Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson, Anders Holm, and Kyle Newacheck, who are in Sydney right the hell now – are putting on a free DJ gig, because as well as being the funniest ~kents~ on television, they also know how to spin a deck or two.

It’s all going down at Sosueme, the free party thrown every Wednesday at Beach Road in Bondi. The Workaholics boys are in Australia right now to promote Comedy Central coming to Fetch TV / put on a couple sold-old comedy gigs at the Spectrum Now Festival, and tomorrow night, 2/4 of them will be spinning decks. 

If you missed out on tix to their shows, this is your chance to get close enough to smell the armpit sweat / cut off a lock of Blake’s hair.*

(*But actually don’t do that, you weirdo.)

PEDESTRIAN.TV asked DJ Uncle Blazer (Blake) and DJ Ango (Anders) what music they’ll be playing, and they answered “music”. BUT, Adam – who obvi prefers a little acappella to DJing – said that if he gets control of the music, he’ll be putting on the tunes of your dorky pre-teen years, a.k.a. Smash Mouth, Three Doors Down, Nickelback, etc.

At this point, Adam started singing Creed thinking it was Nickelback, so really who the hell knows. There’ll be music. And good times. Tight butthole indeed. 

Quite aside from DJs Uncle Blazer and Ango, this is one hell of a line-up: Cosmo’s Midnight, Jess Kent, L.K. McKay, Sports, Viberia, Krissy Jaman, and ‘ya fave professional slackers. Get there by 10pm if you wanna get in #hottip. 
Address: 71 Beach Rd, Bondi. 
When: Wednesday 9th March.

Photo: Comedy Central.