The Workaholics Cast Would Make Terrible ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters

Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson and Anders Holm of cult telemarketing-stoner series Workaholics (is there any other kind of telemarketer?) have peeled back the curtain on their “lost” tapes from Game Of Thrones‘ fourth season auditions. While they clearly have a grasp of the show’s most conspicuous plot anchors – twincest, vagina smoke-babies, dragon wielding Tens, etc – they give rubbish Westerosi/generic British accent and their nipple game is lousy. Some things are best left to *SPOILER ALERT* Sean Bean’s disembodied head.

Game of Thrones season four premieres on April 6th in the US and subsequently airs on Foxtel’s Showcase channel on Monday April 7th. Watch the awesome trailer here.