WATCH: The ‘Workaholics’ Boys Get Lit Up In First Peek At Netflix Movie

The idea of the Workaholics gang leaving our screens fills us with a distinct kind of mortal panic, so it’s just as well the trailer for their upcoming Netflix feature film is here to keep us going. 

For now. 

Adam Devine, Blake Anderson, and Anders Holm return in the all-too-short clip for Game Over, Man!, sporting some pretty spiffy waiter’s outfits – and at least one live firearm. 

TBH, that fits in quite snugly with the flick’s description asDie Hard set in a hotel,” which we can all agree is a perfectly wondrous sentence. Tight butthole, even.

You’ll have to wait another bloody year for it to arrive – on The Weed Day, 2018 – so savour this goodness for as long as you can.

Source and photo: Netflix / Facebook.