LCD Soundsystem, Wolf Parade, Scissor Sisters Unveil New Tunes

The sheer volume of music leaking into the internet ether could be attributed to overzealous fan boys, careless Producers, digital cameras, Youtube or an ever-evolving music release model. And though it’s debatable whether this is good or bad for the artist for the consumer it’s all gravy. I mean, drink that shit up. Drink. It. Up!

This week in particular has seen a wealth of new music unleashed into the blogosphere and so you don’t have to wade through the hype machines we’ve collected the best of the bunch for your listening pleasure.

LCD Soundsystem – “I Can Change”

LCD Soundsystem – “Dance Yrself Clean”

The blogosphere’s knee-jerk reaction to “Drunk Girls”, single number one from LCD Soundsystem’s third studio LP “This Is Happening”, was this strange reconciliation between disappointment and reverence. James Murphy is after all, the man who penned Sound Of Silver and the kind of modern music guru who knows the difference between taste and style. “Drunk Girls” however, a fratty ode to umm… inebriated females was far too middling to galvanize all LCD fans and having heard “This Is Happening” in its entirety is easily the worst song on the album. The good news however, is that the other eight tracks are the soundtrack to the greatest romance you never had.

Wolf Parade – “Fast Ballad”

Following their revelatory debut, “Apologies To The Queen Mary”, and slightly underwhelming followup, “At Mount Zoomer”, Canadian four-piece Wolf Parade will this year release “Expo 86”, their third studio album. It’s hotly anticipated in the Pedestrian offices and while we hope it’ll be more Apologies than Zoomer the below fan-shot footage of “Fast Ballad”, a new wave-y Spencer Krug led number, hints at a more focused pop bent and a return to Wolf Parade’s unhinged, shambolic best. Please sir I want some more.

Scissor Sisters – “Invisible Light”

Scissor Sisters’ third LP Night Work doesn’t drops til the 28th of June but in the meantime fans can descend into a K hole in their living room courtesy of first single “Invisible Light”. The track’s dark disco leanings may come as no surprise but if you predicted a spoken word section from Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf!) you’re a fucking liar.

Dirty Projectors – “Scrappy Nephew”

I think it’s fair to say that Brooklyn’s Dirty Projectors are a studio band. Dissonant or not, the nuances of Dave Longstreth’s strange, sonic alchemy doesn’t always translate live – especially when the songs are recorded on shaky fan-shot videos then posted on Youtube. So don’t judge new cut “Scrappy Nephew” on the video above, just get a general feel for the vibe and move on.