LCD Soundsystem No More? (When Someone Great Is Gone)

Sometime LCD Soundsystem guitarist and Hot Chip mainstay Al Doyle recently revealed that James Murphy might ditch the LCD Soundsystem moniker come next year.

Speaking with BBC 6Music, Doyle hinted at a possible name change: “I don’t think James is going to do anything more under that name [LCD Soundsystem]. I think he’d like to do something with the same personnel possibly next year.”

Though I’m a sentimentalist, the band name was pretty naff so I’m not that sad to see it go. When I first heard of LCD Soundsystem, I imagined an overweight, sweaty, coked up, trance duo from Ibiza that DJ’d for “the babes”. Either that or a dubious sound and lighting warehouse where said duo would hire strobes to beef up their sets.

Doyle then went on to reveal some tantalizing prospective collaborations for the new album: “We were thinking of doing something where we find a lot of the old disco singers in New York that might still be around from the 70s, and get them in as guest vocalists with LCD as a backing band, and tour around as a disco heroes style show… It’s just an idea that we had. God knows if we’ll make it happen.”

At moments like this, I’m reminded of an old proverb by Grandmother would recite when I was a child. Ashley, she’d say, would a krautrock/post-punk/disco referencing, dance inducing, critically acclaimed band, masterminded by an inflective lyricist and ultimate fighting enthusiast with a much better record collection than you’ll ever hope to amass by any other name sound as sweet? It was quite long winded and at six, I didn’t know what krautrock was so I just thought she was crazy.

Thanks Drowned In Sound