Ladyhawke’s “Magic” video clip

The clip for Ladyhawke’s new single follows suit from its predecessors, reeking of 80s inspired style. The clip follows in the newly established Ladyhawke school of music video making- ‘Paris is Burning’, Pip Brown walks towards the camera in an alley; ‘My Delirium’, Pip sits in a bedroom then drives a car towards the camera in an illustrated animation sequence; ‘Back of the Van’, Pip sings to the camera and practices tossing her hair whilst backlit; and now ‘Magic’, Pip rides a magic carpet and regularly walks towards camera, stops, and stares down the barrel.

The tracks are catchy, perfectly poppy, and so mainstream radio friendly that even my mum is a fan, but why so much camera love in all the videos? Pips a bit hot, so I guess if I was her agent/manager/publicist/label I’d be working that angle too.

Magic opens with strange skulls and a tribal man floating towards the camera in a smokey outer space. Ladyhawke looks into a crystal ball and sees a man with an eye patch and no hair tying up a sailor with a moustache, the tribal man is also there, I think he’s drumming. Pip walks towards camera in a creepy forest, cue bats. Pip rides a magic carpet and gives the sailor a hug.

It looks a lot better than my description, totally more smoke and stars and sparkles, no unicorns though. Why are you still reading this? Go watch it already!