Inside M.I.A. and Ladyhawke’s Riders

The Smoking Gun love blowing off big performers by leaking they’re “big budget” riders. However the same dudes are making a fuss about Maya’s overly fastidious cheese choices. Which is kind of gay considering she’s a mummy-to-be and all that jazz. “Cave-aged Gruyere,” a bit too much?

“The British singer M.I.A. is very particular about her cheese. As seen below, the performer’s 2008 tour rider specifies that a tray of organic cheese be waiting in her dressing room. Included in the fromage array must be “Cave-aged Gruyere,” which, according to one high-end retailer, has “a richer, much fuller flavor than other Swiss and French Gruyeres.” And since “conditions in a cave are warmer and more humid,” that creates an “earthy, rich flavor that you can’t get under normal conditions.” In addition to cheese, the 31-year-old singer (real name: Maya Arulpragasam) demands that a selection of “quality chewy sweets and chocolates” includes eight Ferrero Rocher “gold balls.” “

Not content with just Maya’s, I decided to get my gadget hat on and try schmooze the riders out of some hustling promoters. 15 minutes passed and 6 calls later I had Ladyhawke’s primadonna “dressing room” demands sitting in my inbox. A couple of them are pretty funny considering these were for a 30 minute club set, pre even having a record in shops… Apparently the venue didn’t even have a dressing room either. Gotta’ feel for Pip though, no dairy ouch! In all truthfulness though if you can ask for this, and get this, you should have this… right?

Get your voyeur on: