Lady Sovereign Arrested on Parklife Tour

Lady Sovereign has once again proved that you can take the chav and get her signed to Def Jam but you can’t take the chav out of the girl.

Lady Sovereign on tour for Parklife was arrested and charged in the early hours of Saturday morning after spitting in the face of a Brisbane bouncer outside The Beat Nightclub in Fotitude Valley.

Lady Sovereign appeared in court earlier today (Saturday) and was fined $400 and ordered to pay $200 compensation to the bouncer (apparently the ‘love me or hate me’ defence doesn’t work in Brisbane).

Despite reportedly struggling to stay awake in court Lady Sovereign will be up-on-stage at Parklife today for what will undoubtedly be an ‘electrifying’ performance.

It’s not Lady Sovereign’s first assault including spitting either. According to wiki in early 2007 she threw a drink and spat at a local MC named Jelly Donut after he tried to disrupt her show (he was dressed up as a donut at the time).

Despite her best efforts the biggest midget in the game still has a long way to go to compete with the next effort:

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Source ABC Online