Pedestrian’s Guide To Parklife

Navigating festivals timetables, much like life, can be hard. But because we’re here to help – Pedestrian have crudely photoshopped our must-see acts (we’ve probably forgotten a few) for this weekend’s Parklife festivities.

A few pointers to hold in your mind grapes:

– Please watch Junior Boys do “In The Morning” at the very least, make sure you’re wearing an adult diaper.
– Sydneysiders, use the convenient lull at the 4:30 mark to watch the NRL Grand Final on the plasma television hidden in your pants.
– If you’re that way inclined you can watch Erol Alkan THREE times in one day (twice at Parklife and once at the after party) this is exactly THREE more times then we’d care to watch any Errol Flynn film.
– Bring an umbrella…if you’re front row at Lady Sovereign. HA! How do we do it? High five? Anyone?
– Judging from our last interview with them, budding groupies should head The Cool Kids’ way. Clue: They’re the “black” guys.
– Spearheaded by Empire Of The Sun – fluro is out and psych is in. Both scenes are actually closer than you think, both fall under the “colourful idiots” category.