Rebel Wilson’s Chav Alter-Ego Looks Like A National Security Threat

Rebel Wilson’s alter ego, Rebelicious, aka Little Reb, looks perfectly innocuous to the trained eye (earlier this week we likened her to something of a cross between Lady Sovereign and Ali G) but apparently not to the good folks on the front line of national security at LAX, who earlier today took umbrage with Wilson’s appearance upon arrival at the airport.

Wilson tweeted that after arriving in her “gangsta looking tracksuit” she was stopped four times by security, given a full body pat down and a drug test. I’m not sure exactly what this says about the standards of gender, socioeconomic or ethnic profiling being used in American airports, but I’m sure it’s probably not a good thing. Iggy Azalea better watch her denim clad back next time she flies bizniss cla$$.