Kendrick Lamar Cuts Off White Fan For Actually Rapping The N-Word On Stage

Imagine being a white fan of Kendrick Lamar, memorising his lyrics, but somehow blanking on their racial context. Imagine being invited on-stage to rap with Lamar, blasting through M.A.A.d. City, and actually enunciating the n-word – twice.

Imagine being stopped by the Pulitzer Prize-winning Lamar, who advises you to miss just one word from the entire song. Now, imagine hopping back on the beat, and failing to stay on time without those two syllables.

If the above scenario makes you cringe so hard you need a chiropractor, we highly suggest you avoid the rest of this article, because it discusses an American fan who actually did that. 

Over the weekend at Alabama’s Hangout Fest, a fan named Delaney took to the stage to perform alongside the rapper. The young woman then went full-bore on the n-word before Lamar cut off the track.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Lamar said.

“Am I not cool enough for you, what’s up bro?” Delaney responded.

Over massive boos from the crowd, Lamar explained “you’ve gotta bleep one single word, though.” 

When the song kicked back in, the fan seemed unable to maintain the song’s flow, and was shown offstage by Lamar.

It’s worth noting Delaney’s performance wasn’t even the first fan interaction of the night, as Lamar previously invited another bloke on stage to give the song a crack. Funnily enough, he did just fine without blasting out the n-word.

Of course, Lamar is returning to Australia for a massive string of shows in July. If you’re reading this, and get invited on stage: at least you know exactly what not to do.