Kendrick Lamar Sets VMAs Stage On Fire With ‘DNA’ / ‘Humble’ Opening Medley

The 2017 MTV VMAs were kicked off with an almighty bang as Kendrick Lamar legit set the stage on fire with a powerful medley of ‘DNA’ and ‘Humble’, making sure everyone is aware that he is definitely 100% the king of rap at the moment.

He opened up this year’s awards with a man set on fire, and then a wall set on fire with stunt men scaling the wall as he spat the PG-friendly versions of his songs.

Kendrick’s nominated for a huge bag of eight awards, and at time of writing has already nabbed the gong for Best Hip-Hop, Best Cinematography, Best Direction, Best Art Direction, and Best Visual Effects.

He narrowly missed out on the award for Best Choreography, but Kanye West nabbed it for ‘Fade’ (and rightly so.)

Kendrick’s also nommed for  Video of the Year, and just missed out on grabbing Artist of the Tear from Ed Sheeran.

Peep the performance below, trust me you’ll only need the edge of your seat.